Reports and Dashboards

Subscribe to Reports in Lightning Experience
You know that report you check when you arrive in the office every Monday morning? Why not have it emailed to you every Monday at 8:00 AM instead? Subscribe to up to five reports and receive refreshed report results by email on a schedule you set: daily, weekly, or monthly. Report subscriptions in Lightning Experience are available within seven days of the Spring ’17 release.
Filter Reports via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience
No need to futz with filters! Pass URL parameters to set filter values in Lightning Experience reports. When linking to reports or when bookmarking a report, add filter value parameters to the URL to customize how the report filters when opened. For example, bookmark your opportunities report and add a filter value parameter to specify whether you see New Business or Existing Business.
View Dashboards as Other People in Lightning Experience
Say that your sales people can only view their own opportunities, but you'd like to review all opportunities closed in the last quarter. Create a dashboard and let people view the dashboard as you (or anyone else who can see all opportunities). When your sales people open the dashboard, they see info about all opportunities instead of only their opportunities. Their data access in Salesforce remains unchanged. They can only see more data in your dashboard.
Share Dashboard Charts by Posting Them to Chatter in Lightning Experience
Start the conversation by sharing images of dashboard charts on Chatter.
Expand Dashboard Components to Get the Big Picture in Lightning Experience
Open a dashboard component in a window so you can see all the details.
Follow Dashboards in Lightning Experience
Instead of regularly opening a dashboard to take note of changes, follow a dashboard to get updates in your Chatter feed. After you enable feed tracking on dashboards, your users can follow dashboards by opening one up and clicking Follow.
Move Dashboards Between Folders in the Lightning Experience Dashboard Builder
If your org is using Enhanced Analytics Folder Sharing for Reports and Dashboards, folders govern who has access to the reports and dashboards saved inside. (If your org was created after the Summer ’13 Salesforce release, you already have Enhanced Analytics Folder Sharing.) To move a dashboard from one folder to another, open the Properties menu in the Lightning Experience Dashboard Builder.
Add Funnel and Scatter Charts to Lightning Experience Dashboards
We've made funnel and scatter charts available in the dashboard component editor. Add a funnel chart to show relative measured amounts by stage. For example, funnel charts are ideal for showing how opportunities move through stages. Add a scatter chart to display one or two groupings of report data plus summaries. Scatter charts are useful for identifying trends across large datasets.
External Object Reports Have Fewer Limitations
We removed some previous limitations, hopefully before you even encountered them. The improvements affect reports that include external object relationships or use the cross-org adapter for Salesforce Connect.
Other Enhancements to Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience
In addition to this release’s major features, we’ve made some small-but-notable improvements to Reports and Dashboards.