Templates for Service Reports

Help your technicians make your customers happy with fast service reports delivered to their inboxes. Technicians can capture signatures and finish appointments with service reports.

Our standard templates allow your technicians and dispatchers to create reports for work orders, work order line items, and service appointments and email them directly to the customer. You can create variations to meet the needs of your organization.

On the page layouts of Work Orders, Work Order Line Items, and Service Appointments, add the button Create Service Report.

Add new button on object layouts

Now technicians and dispatchers can access and send the reports from the object.

New Create Service Report botton on field service objects

They can choose from the standard template for the object (work order, work order line item, or service appointment) or a custom one. The standard template has general account and contact information, details specific to the object, such as service appointment times, parts consumed, and customer and technician signatures.

The report is saved to its object detail page and, if selected, emailed to the customer.

You can adjust the standard template or create one according to your company’s needs.

  1. From Setup enter Service Report in the Quick Find box, then click Service Report Templates under Field Service.
  2. Click New or Edit next to a report template you’d like to adjust.
  3. If you are creating a template, select an existing template as its base and give it a name.
  4. On the Service Report Template create page, add the fields to the appropriate sections.

    You can also change templates and their related objects.

    Report template layout options
  5. Click Save.


    When you preview the report template, it shows the system administrator profile view. Depending on field-level security settings, other profiles may not see all fields. The data shown is simulated, except for images and rich text.