Field Service Locations

Sort your Field Service locations into vans, warehouses, customer sites, or whatever suits your organization and track parts available at each.

Your service locations can be as large as a warehouse or as small as a tool box. They can be your client sites or your service vans. They vary in size, location, and what they contain, and they are unique to your company. Salesforce Field Service lets you create locations to fit your needs.

Add the Location Type and Inventory Location and Mobile fields to your location page layouts.

Location detail page with field service fields
  • You can set up Location Types according to your company’s needs. For example, configure one large warehouse and a fleet of service vans, or a store room and tool boxes carried by technicians.
  • You can set up multiple addresses and address types. For example, a customer’s shipping address may be different from the physical address.
  • You can associate multiple accounts with one location. For example, a shopping center location may have multiple customer accounts.
  • Locations marked as Inventory Location can be connected to Product Items, which represents the part stored at that location.
  • The Mobile Location field identifies locations that can travel.

You can add Product Item as a related list to view which parts are at that location. You can also add the Addresses and Associated Locations related list to track related addresses and other account locations.

The Prodruct Item object as a related list.

The Product Item Number and Product Name take you to the corresponding detail page.

Service Resources and Assets can also be associated with mobile locations. For example, you can associate technicians with their vans.