Add the Related Record Component to Your Lightning Pages

Give your users the record details they need most. Use the Related Record component to customize your Lightning pages and display the details of a related record, including the parent record, on any record page. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.

Want to show details about an associated contact on a case? You got it! Want to show the details of a case’s parent case? You got it! To top it off, your users will love the built-in record creation, inline edit, and ability to unlink a record and link a new one. Talk about increased efficiency!

Under the covers, the component uses quick actions and global actions to create and update the records. If there are no actions available for your lookup, follow the links in the Lightning App Builder property editor to create the actions. You can select any associated lookup field to display related details—even lookups for custom objects.



If you’ve ever set up a Salesforce Console, Related Record might sound familiar. Remember the Lookup component that you used in the Salesforce Classic console? Well, the new Related Record component provides the same functionality in Lightning consoles apps. Want to make your console app awesome? Create a record page using the Three Columns template, then add the Related Record component to one of the side columns.

Sample Related Record Component

Component properties in Lightning App Builder:Screen shot of the Related Record component properties in Lightning App Builder. Component displaying a case’s related contact:Screen shot of the Related Record component showing contact details.

Component displaying a case’s related parent case:Screen shot of the Related Record component showing parent records.

Let’s take a walk in your users’ shoes. Say that you set up this component to display contact information for a case. However, a user opens a case that doesn’t have a related contact. With this component, they can create a contact or link one, all without leaving the page. And if they later find out that the contact info is out of date, they can update the details in-line. And if the info is incorrect, they can simply remove (unlink) the record and add a new record. Hooray for always staying in context!

Component displaying no linked record:Screen shot of the Related Record component with no linked record. Component displaying inline edit:Screen shot of the Related Record component using inline edit.


  • Cases are linked to default accounts that can't be removed (unlinked) from the component unless the contact is also removed at the same time.
  • To use the Parent Case and Asset lookup fields on cases, update the field-level security to visible instead of hidden. Otherwise, your users see an error.

When you’re ready to use this component, head over to the Lightning App Builder and edit or create a custom record page.