Organize Library Files in Folders (Beta)

You asked for folders, and we delivered. In Lightning Experience, you can create, rename, and delete folders to organize the files in your libraries. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.


This release contains a beta version of library folders, which means it's a high-quality feature with known limitations.

Library managers can create folders to organize content so users can find what they need quickly. Folders are visible to all users who have access to the library.

Screenshot of library folders

The library title is in the upper left with a file path (1). The New Folder button adds a folder to the library or within a folder (2). You can create multiple levels of subfolders. Move a file among folders within a library with the row-level move action (3).

Folders are supported in the file selector, so when you’re adding a file to a record or a Chatter post, the file selector displays the same folders in Files home. When you view your libraries in Salesforce Classic or from a mobile device, you can see the folder structure that you created in Lightning Experience. You can’t create folders or move files into folders in Salesforce Classic, but you can add files to libraries.

Folders are a beta feature. Here are a few things to know.
  • Create folders in Lightning Experience to organize files already in libraries.
  • An Upload File button is available when you’re in a library, but files uploaded here show up in your Owned by Me filter rather than inside the library.
  • To add a file to a library, switch to Salesforce Classic. From the library, choose Contribute and add the file. Or, from the file’s row-level actions or the file detail page, choose Share with Library.
Action Lightning Experience Salesforce Classic
Create, rename, and delete library folders Yes No
Move files in a library into folders Yes No
View folders Yes Yes
View libraries Yes Yes
Add files to a library No Yes
Create, edit, or delete libraries No Yes
Manage library membership No Yes
Enabling Folders
Your mind is churning with organizational possibilities. What do you need to know to get started?
  • In orgs with Lightning Experience enabled, folders are enabled by default in any new libraries you create. Folders are not enabled by default in existing libraries. To enable folders, click the Add Folder button. Depending on the size of the library, enabling folders may take a few moments.
  • In orgs that don’t have Lightning Experience enabled, folders aren’t enabled by default in new libraries.
  • Folders can’t be enabled in libraries with more than 5,000 files.