Salesforce Einstein: The World’s Smartest CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Everyone

Salesforce Einstein is AI built into the Salesforce platform. It delivers advanced AI capabilities to sales, service, marketing, and communities—and enables anyone to use clicks or code to build AI-powered apps that get smarter with every interaction. Now, everyone in every role and industry can use AI to be their best.

Here’s the list of Einstein features that help make Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.

Sales Cloud Einstein: A Smarter Sales Process at Every Step Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI for sales is here. With Sales Cloud Einstein, your team’s sales productivity is supercharged with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation.
Build AI-Powered Apps Fast (Pilot)
With the Predictive Vision Service, developers can harness the power of image recognition to build AI-powered apps. Without a data science degree! You can train deep-learning models to recognize and classify images at scale with the Predictive Vision Service REST API. Leverage pre-trained classifiers, or train your own custom classifiers to solve a vast array of specialized image-recognition use cases. Developers can bring the power of image recognition to CRM and third-party applications so that end users across sales, service, and marketing can discover new insights about their customers and predict outcomes that lead to smarter decisions.
Leave No Question Unanswered in Your Community
Let community members help each other by highlighting questions that haven’t been answered. Community members, managers, moderators, and even customer support can then easily see the most viewed unanswered questions and jump in. Drop the Salesforce Einstein-powered Unanswered Questions component on any page. The component shows the top unanswered questions based on the view count from across the community. As questions are answered, they are removed from view.
Protect Your Community and Improve Productivity with Einstein Spam Detection (Pilot)
Your community is the place customers go to get answers and talk to other customers. It’s also the place where your customers get to know you. The last thing you want is spam getting in the way, but it can be hard to keep up. Enter Einstein Spam Detection. Einstein Spam Detection steps in and monitors your customer community for spam using real community moderator activity as a guide.
All Company Feed Becomes Company Highlights, Powered by Einstein
Your All Company feed is now named Company Highlights. The Company Highlights feed incorporates Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) to bring you a ranked view of what’s trending in your org (Top Posts). Now you can easily catch up on the hottest news from across your company. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Trailhead: Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein
Get started learning about AI and how it can transform your CRM with smart predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation.
Einstein Data Discovery: Find and Explain Insights in Your Data
Einstein Data Discovery discovers relevant facts and themes in your data without you having to build sophisticated software and statistical models. When it has finished analyzing your data, Einstein Data Discovery generates unbiased answers, explanations, and recommendations to learn what, why, and how to act on it. It presents results in a way that is easy for business users to understand. Now anyone can tap into the power of data science and do statistical and predictive analytics.