Tooling API New and Changed Objects

Tooling API includes new and changed objects. Also, you can update individual fields of top-level Settings objects and their child objects.

New Objects

Retrieves functions available for specific uses. For example, use this object to find the functions available for use in flows or Visualforce pages.
Retrieves all available formula operators, such as STAR (multiplication) or AND.
Represents the definition of a value used in a global value set or local custom picklist.
Represents the set of values in a standard picklist field.

Changed Objects

The following field has been added.
Unique identifier for the field. Identifies which baseline is used to import settings and calculate score.
The following field has been added.
The name of the standard object or ID of the custom object that the Lightning Page is associated with. For Lightning Pages of type AppPage or HomePage, this field is null. Replaces the SobjectType field.
The following field has been deprecated.
Deprecated as of API version 39.0. Use EntityDefinitionId instead.

Access To Metadata Settings Now Available in Tooling API

You can now use the Tooling API to update metadata settings that are available in Metadata API.

You can identify one of these types in the Tooling API WSDL if its definition includes the following element.
<xsd:extension base="mns:MetadataForSettings">

For these top-level Settings objects, you have multiple options for update. You can use the Metadata field on the object to update the Settings. The Metadata field represents the entire Metadata API contract of the object.

Alternatively, to update a subset of fields in the hierarchy of a Settings object, we have modified our interface so that you can update individual fields directly.

To access the Tooling API WSDL, from Setup, enter API in the Quick Find box, then select API and click Generate Tooling WSDL.