Engage More Deeply Than Ever with Your Book of Business

Client and household list views give your advisors a powerful, easy way to engage with specific segments in their book of business. Generate filtered lists of clients and households based on age, birthdays, marketing segments, or other criteria.

Starting from the full clients or households list, advisors can view their entire book of business.My Clients list

The default list views include predefined filters so that advisors can quickly drill in to create actionable lists. With just a few clicks, advisors can dynamically update the list with different filter criteria. For example, apply a filter to show only clients with financial accounts totaling at least $500,000.Applying a filter to My Clients list

And voila! Just like that, we’ve got our filtered list of clients.My Clients list filtered by Total Financial Accounts greater or equal to $500,000

As an admin, you can customize the underlying reports and custom report types that determine the fields and criteria in the client and household list views.