Platform Built on the Industries B2C Data Model

We’ve adapted the Salesforce data model to create a foundation for industries that require a structured, flexible B2C data model. It’s built on top of the standard Account and Contact objects, extending these objects to represent an individual person, or client. It also lets us represent data about households, relationships between individuals and other entities, and clients’ financials.
Data model diagram

We represent a client using a combination of the standard Account and Contact objects. They’re coupled in what we call a unified object view of an individual person. We’ve extended these objects with custom fields, records types, and more.

We use custom objects to represent individual clients' financial accounts, the parties involved with their financial accounts, and other types of assets, liabilities, and financial goals. These objects are related to the account part of the individual.

A household represents a group of clients who live together and whose financials are summarized at the household level.
  • A household is an account with the Household record type.
  • The household is related to the contact part of an individual household member using the Account Contact Relationship standard object, which we’ve extended with custom fields.
  • We can also relate household members to external accounts and contacts, using custom objects that represent relationships with other professional advisors, business entities, and other households.