Changed Objects

These objects have changed.

Changed Objects That Affect Earlier API Versions

This object has changed in API version 36.0 and affects earlier API versions.

You can now create, update, and delete this object. The following fields are createable and updateable.
  • ApprovalRequired
  • ConnectedAppId
  • DeveloperName
  • Enabled
  • EnabledOperations
  • Language (this field is also now nillable)
  • LastReconDateTime
  • MasterLabel
  • NamedCredentialId
  • Notes
  • OnUpdateAttributes
  • ReconFilter
  • UserAccountMapping

Changed Objects

These objects have changed in API version 36.0.

The AgentWork object has two new fields.
  • The PushTimeout field indicates the number of seconds set for push timeout. 0 is returned when push timeout isn’t enabled.
  • The PushTimeoutDateTime field indicates when the push timeout event occurred.
The AgentWork object has one new status.
  • The DeclinedOnPushTimeout status indicates that work was declined due to push timeout.
The Announcement object has a new field.
  • The SendEmails field indicates whether to send email notifications to all group members when a Chatter group owner or manager posts an announcement.


    This field is currently available to select customers through a pilot program. To be nominated to join this pilot program, contact Salesforce. Additional terms and conditions may apply to participate in the pilot program. Please note that pilot programs are subject to change, and as such, we cannot guarantee acceptance into this pilot program or a particular time frame in which this feature can be enabled. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this document, press releases, or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

The Asset object has two new fields related to the new option to add hierarchy to assets.
  • The Parent Asset field represents an asset’s parent asset.
  • The read-only Root Asset field represents the top-level asset in an asset hierarchy. Depending on where an asset lies in the hierarchy, its root could be the same as its parent.
For example, a “hubcap” asset can have a parent asset of “wheel” and a root asset of “automobile.”
The DefType field has a new picklist value: TOKENS.
The AuthProvider object has two new fields related to the new option to create a custom authentication provider plug-in.
  • The CustomMetadataTypeRecord field represents the API name of the custom authentication provider.
  • The PluginId field represents an existing Apex class that implements the Auth.AuthProviderPlugin interface.
The ProviderType field has a new picklist value: Custom.
The CollaborationGroup object has two new fields.
  • The BannerPhotoUrl field returns the group’s banner photo URL.
  • The IsBroadcast field indicates whether the group is a broadcast group (true) or not (false).
The following fields are now picklists.
The department in the company that the contact is affiliated with. The values of this field are fixed enumerated values.
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Other
  • Sales
  • Support
A human resource label that designates a person’s level in the company. The values of this field are fixed enumerated values.
  • C-Level
  • VP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Staff
  • Other
The following fields are now groupable.
  • companyName
  • Department
  • Level
  • Title

Count(contactId) for DatacloudContact

You can use Count(contactId) to determine how many records are available for certain field values in the DatacloudContact object. GROUP BY is supported for these fields only.
  • companyName
  • Department
  • Level
  • Title
There are some limitations when using GROUP BY with the DatacloudContact object.
  • DatacloudContact doesn’t support grouping multiple fields. Run separate queries for each field.
  • DatacloudContact doesn’t support the roll-up or cube operators for GROUP BY.
SELECT Level, Count(ContactId)
FROM DatacloudContact
WHERE State IN ('CA','NV','AZ','OR','WA') AND CompanyName LIKE 'Cisco Systems'
Returned records 1–5 of 10916 total records in 0.105 seconds:
Level Unknown_Field__1
1 Staff 5011
2 Manager-Level 4802
3 Director-Level 692
4 VP-Level 244
5 C-Level 167
The following fields are new or updated.
  • IsInCRM—Defaulted on create, Sort
  • UpdatedDate—Nillable, Sort
The ParentId field is now groupable, nillable, and sortable.
The EntityType field has a new picklist value that represents campaigns: 701.
The following new fields have been added:
  • IsSandbox—Indicates if the member org is a sandbox (true) or not (false).
  • ServiceProviderId—Represents the ID of the service provider for a member org.
  • SSOMappedUsers—Represents the total number of mapped users in a member org.
The following limits apply:
  • Daily Limit—You can create up to 20 orgs per day. If you need to create additional orgs, log a case in the Partner Community.

A URI_ID_DERIVED field has been added to every event type with the URI field. It stores the 18-character ID of the URI of the page that was accessed in the event.

The following fields have been added to Apex Callout events.
  • EXEC_TIME—The end-to-end execution time of an Apex class or method.
  • CALLOUT_TIME—The execution time of an external call from Apex.
  • QUIDDITY—The type of outer execution associated with the event.

The EXEC_TIME field was also added to the Apex Trigger event.

There are also three new event types: Wave Change, Wave Interaction, and Wave Performance.

The Wave Change event type represents route and page changes in the Wave UI.

The Wave Interaction event type represents users’ interactions with the Wave UI.

Wave Performance events are performance metrics for queries, lenses, and dashboards.

The ApiKey field was removed.
The Protocol field, which is the authentication protocol that’s required to access the external system, was added.
The following fields have been removed, and are available in API version 35.0 and earlier only. These fields are no longer in use because content attachments are now created through FeedAttachment.
  • ContentData
  • ContentDescription
  • ContentFileName
  • ContentSize
  • ContentType
The following relationship field has been added.
A child relationship field that associates a parent FeedItem record to its FeedAttachment records. FeedAttachment and FeedItem records are linked through the FeedAttachment.FeedEntityId field.
The LiveChatUserConfig object has three new fields.
  • The OptionsHasTransferToAgent field specifies whether an agent can transfer a chat directly to a particular agent.
  • The OptionsHasTransferToButton field specifies whether an agent can transfer a chat to an agent assigned to a particular chat button.
  • The OptionsHasTransferToSkill field specifies whether an agent can transfer a chat to agents assigned to a particular skill,
The OptionsHasChatTransfer field has been removed.
The Network object includes two new fields:
  • AllowedExtensions specifies the types of files allowed in your community.
  • MaxFileSizeKb specifies the maximum file size (in KBs) that members can upload in your community.
  • The field OpportunityAccessLevel is editable in API version 36.0 and later.
  • The field Title was added.
The following new fields have been added:
  • NamespacePrefix
  • SignupCountryIsoCode—Represents the two-character ISO country code specified by the user for a sign-up request.
The ConnectionStatus field has two new picklist values: ConnectionSuspended and SubscribeInProgress.
The ConnectionEvent field has a new picklist value: SubscribeInProgress.
The ActionListContext field now accepts these new picklist values:
  • BannerPhoto
  • DockableDockable represents the list of dockable actions. These actions are available from the global create component in Lightning Experience (new task, new event, new note, log a call).
  • ListViewDefinition—Returns the corresponding list view that can be created from the API.
  • Lookup—Returns the create action expected for creating an object or record from a lookup.
The PresenceUserConfig object has one new field.
  • The PresenceStatusOnPushTimeoutId provides the ID of the presence status that’s automatically assigned to the agent when the agent doesn’t respond to work before push timeout occurs.
The QueueRoutingConfig has one new field.
  • The PushTimeout field indicates the number of seconds set for push timeout. 0 is returned when push timeout isn’t enabled.
The Edition field has three new picklist values:
  • Group
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
A new field, SignupSource, was added. This field stores a user-specified description of a trial sign-up, up to 60 characters in length.
These new fields were added:
  • The BannerPhotoUrl field indicates the URL for the user’s banner photo.
  • The isProfilePhotoActive field indicates whether the user has a profile photo.
The Preference field has a new picklist value that represents Email Transport Type: 101.
The UserServicePresence object has two new fields.
  • The ConfiguredCapacity field indicates the user’s total configured capacity.
  • The IsAway field indicates whether the user’s status is set to Away.

Default Values for Checkbox and Picklist Fields

The results of describe calls now include the default values for checkbox and picklist fields. As a result, all checkbox fields and several picklist fields had their defaultedOnCreate property set to true. The following picklist fields are affected.

Picklist Field Affected Objects
AddressInactiveAction EmailServicesFunction
ApprovalStatus ServiceContract
AssignmentStatus NetworkMemberGroup
AuthenticationFailureAction EmailServicesFunction
AuthorizationFailureAction EmailServicesFunction
AttachmentOption EmailServicesFunction
BackgroundDirection Dashboard
BlankValueBehavior MatchingRuleItem
CanvasAccessMethod AppMenuItem
Category MailmergeTemplate, QuickText
Channel QuickText
ClickjackProtectionLevel Site
ConnectionType PartnerNetworkConnection
ContentLocation ContentVersion
CurrencyIsoCode All objects that CurrencyIsoCode appears on
DefaultCalendarAccess Organization
DefaultCurrencyIsoCode User
DefaultGroupNotificationFrequency NetworkMember
DeviceFormat PlatformAction
DigestFrequency NetworkMember
DisplayType WebLink
Division All objects that Division appears on—only applies to Division fields associated with the Division object
FeedbackType WorkFeedbackQuestionSet, WorkFeedbackRequest
Format Report
FunctionInactiveAction EmailServicesFunction
GroupEventType Event
Language UserProvisioningConfig
MobileSessionTimeout ConnectedApplication
OptOutReason PersonListMember
Origin ContentVersion
OverLimitAction EmailServicesFunction
PeriodPrefix FiscalYearSettings
Preference UserPreference
Priority ActivityHistory, Case, LookedUpFromActivity, OpenActivity, Question, Task
PublishStatus ContentDocument, ContentVersion, KnowledgeArticleVersion
QuarterLabel Period
QuarterPrefix FiscalYearSettings
RuleStatus MatchingRule
SharingOption AttachedContentDocument, CombinedAttachment, ContentDocument, ContentVersion
ShowAs Event
SsoStatus EnvironmentHubMember
State Territory2Model
Status ActivityHistory, EmailMessage, Goal, IdeaTheme, LookedUpFromActivity, Metric, Network, OpenActivity, Quote, SignupRequest, Solution, Task
TagModel ContentWorkspace
Type Dashboard, Entitlement, EntitlementTemplate, PersonList, ProcessDefinition, WorkGoal
UiSkin Organization
Visibility NetworkModeration