Salesforce Touch Has Upgraded to Salesforce1

Salesforce Touch has upgraded to the new Salesforce1 experience. As a result, the Salesforce Touch mobile browser app is no longer available, nor is the Salesforce Touch downloadable app available anymore on the App Store.

The Salesforce1 app gives you the same Salesforce Touch features you’ve come to expect (including support for Salesforce Communities), in an updated interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need and get their work done faster. On top of that, Salesforce1 gives you more, with many new enhancements.

  • Expanded Chatter functionality, including the ability to post links, post and vote on polls, sort your feeds, and bookmark posts. The Salesforce1 downloadable apps also include access to Salesforce Files.
  • The Chatter publisher, with a default set of publisher actions and the option to add custom actions that are suited to your business needs.
  • List views, enhanced global search, and object-specific searches.
  • The new Today feature, which helps you prepare for meetings, quickly join conference calls, and get directions to meetings.
  • Improved tasks, with different types of task lists and the ability to close and reopen tasks.
  • New in-app and push notifications.
  • The ability to integrate custom and third-party apps into the navigation menu or the publisher.
  • Support for Android phones, as well as iPad and iPhone devices.

As part of the transition to Salesforce1:

  • The Salesforce Touch Settings page that was available from Setup | Mobile Administration has been removed from the Setup interface.
  • The Touch User checkbox has been removed from the My Settings | Personal | Advanced User Details and Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information pages.
  • Salesforce Touch mobile browser users are now automatically directed to the Salesforce1 mobile browser app. It’s no longer possible to restore access to the Salesforce Touch mobile browser app.


    Users who access the Salesforce Touch mobile browser app from a shortcut or special URL that includes /m won’t automatically see the Salesforce1 interface. To give these users direct access to the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, replace /m at the end of the URL with /one/

  • Salesforce Touch downloadable app users are no longer able to connect to Salesforce and see a message instructing them to download and install the Salesforce1 downloadable app from the Apple App Store.

See Salesforce1 for details about the new Salesforce mobile experience and how to get started optimizing the Salesforce1 apps for your users.