Today Enhancements

In Spring ’14, Today includes these new and improved features.
  • To make it faster for users to access the Today app in the Salesforce1 navigation menu, the Today item is now displayed by default near the top of the menu, beneath the Groups item. If Chatter is turned off, the Today item is the first item in the menu. This change doesn’t affect organizations that have customized the arrangement of items in the navigation menu.
  • Users can quickly let people know they’re running late to a meeting or won’t be able to make it by tapping the Today Email icon icon. There are several new, canned “running late” messages to choose from, or users can write their own email messages. Today Running Late Quick Messages
  • Today now attempts to link invitees and meeting organizers to matching Salesforce user records, as well as to contacts or person accounts. As with contacts and person accounts, a user record is a match if the Email field contains the same email address that’s used in the event for an invitee or meeting organizer.
  • To make it easier to manage the day, the cards for events that occurred earlier in the day are now collapsed on the event list. Tap Show Earlier Events to expand the event list to show all the day’s events. Show Earlier Events link in Today
  • Event cards now show the names of up to four invitees instead of simply displaying the total number of invitees. New Invitees Format on Event Cards in Today
  • Today is now available on Apple iPad devices, as well as Android phones and iPhone devices.