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Trust and Compliance Documentation

The Trust and Compliance Documents have undergone seasonal updates and no longer require users to log in to in order to view them.

Tip Sheets and Implementation Guides

Developer Guides

  • The Place Order REST API is now generally available, supported by the new Place Order REST API Developer’s Guide (PDF | HTML). The Place Order REST API allows developers to integrate order placement with third-party applications. This guide provides a comprehensive reference of the REST API resources that are available to Salesforce developers.
  • The HTML format of the Apex Code Developer’s Guide has been updated to improve user experience. This update builds on the changes to Apex class topics that were introduced in Winter ’14. This update addresses issues with navigation in the HTML version.

    Apex class topics in the Reference section have been merged to provide a single page for each class. Each class topic contains descriptions of all its methods. The method summary is presented in a single list in one class, which enables faster scanning of methods. You can still obtain the static and instance information from the method signature in each method description. In addition, unnecessary sections have been removed from some method descriptions to make the Reference section more compact in the HTML and PDF versions of the guide.

    As a result of this restructuring, URLs of method topics changed, and you might have to update your bookmarks. If you get 404 Not Found errors in your browser, it might be because topics with outdated URLs are being accessed from your browser’s cache. To avoid receiving these errors, clear your browser’s cache from your browsing history.


  • The Service Cloud Workbook includes new tutorials on setting up Communities, Case Feed, and Open CTI. The workbook shows you how to deliver multi-channel support to your customers.