Opportunity Board: Get the Big Picture on Opportunities with Lightning Experience

Seeing is believing. When sales reps can see all their opportunities in one place, sales managers can effectively monitor the pipeline and sales reps can keep deals moving forward. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.

Board view

The Board is a visual summary of all the opportunities for a particular sales path (1). Opportunities are sorted by stage and include the sum of the all opportunities for that stage (2). Sales reps easily move an opportunity by dragging the card to the next stage (3). Alerts tell sales reps what to do to keep a deal on track. For example, create a new task or event on an opportunity that doesn’t have any open activities (4). Reps can then create a new activity without navigating away from this view. Easily toggle between board view and grid view (5) and quickly filter the view (6) to see a specific set of opportunities.

It’s a good idea to learn about considerations for using the Board in Lightning Experience.