Visualize List View Data with Charts in Lightning Experience

We’ve added list view charts to the desktop application in Lightning Experience. Your reps can view and create charts to visualize information about the records that they refer to most often. Three types of charts are available: vertical bar, horizontal bar, and donut.

Reps can access list view charts by clicking charts icon on the right side of the page when viewing a list.

list view chart panel on Accounts page

Out-of-the-box charts are provided for standard objects. To create or edit custom charts, your reps click charts gear icon in the Charts panel (1). In the New Chart dialog box, they select the type of chart. The aggregate type lets reps specify how field data is calculated: by sum, count, or average. The aggregate field specifies the type of data to calculate. And the grouping field labels the chart segments.


Your sales team wants to compare accounts by number of employees to focus prospecting efforts on large corporations. One of the reps creates a horizontal bar chart by selecting Sum as the aggregate type, Employees as the aggregate field, and Account Name as the grouping field. The chart shows the number of employees at each account by account name.