Home: Help Reps Manage Their Days in Lightning Experience

Get your reps to manage their days using Home, where reps can see their quarterly performance summary and get important updates on critical tasks and opportunities. Your reps can also easily access news about their accounts, recent records, and top deals. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only.
The performance chart (1) displays a user’s sales performance or the performance of their sales team against a customizable sales goal.
  • Closed—The sum of a user’s closed opportunities.
  • Open (>70%)—The sum of a user’s open opportunities with a probability over 70%.
  • Goal—A user’s sales goal for the quarter. This field is specific to the performance chart and has no impact on forecast quotas or any other type of goal. Click Pencil icon to set the goal.
The chart displays the opportunities of a user’s sales team if they have an associated team. Otherwise, the chart displays opportunities owned by the user.Home page in Lightning ExperienceThe Assistant (2) displays relevant updates over the course of a day. Items appear in this order.
  • Tasks that are overdue
  • Tasks due today
  • Leads assigned to you today
  • Opportunities with overdue tasks
  • Opportunities with no activity in 30 days
  • Opportunities with no open activity
Easily access news about accounts, recent records, and top deals (3).
  • Account Insights provides timely news articles related to recently viewed accounts and opportunities, and to upcoming tasks and events.
  • Top Deals displays the biggest open opportunities of a user’s sales team if they have an associated team. Otherwise, it shows the biggest open opportunities owned by the user.

Home isn’t currently customizable. For more information about setting up the page, see “Lightning Experience Home Permissions and Settings” in the Salesforce Help.