Enable My Domain To Use Lightning Components

For security purposes, Lightning components now require you to define a custom Salesforce domain name for your organization. If you’re using Lightning components today, you might need to take action to avoid having Lightning components-based customizations disabled when Winter ’16 is released.
If you’re using Lightning components to create:
  • Lightning tabs
  • Lightning pages (formerly FlexiPages), for example, in Lightning App Builder
  • Standalone apps
And you don’t have My Domain enabled for your organization, your Lightning tabs, components, and pages will be disabled when your organization is upgraded to Winter ’16.
If you participated in the Lightning components for Salesforce1 beta, you can temporarily re-enable your customizations by enabling this update in the Critical Update Console. With this update, references and links to Lightning components, applications, and documentation that use non-customized https://lightning.force.com URLs continue to work.


This critical update behaves differently than normal critical updates. The actual change in behavior is automatically applied to your org immediately in Winter ’16. The critical update, when enabled, allows you to temporarily revert to the old behavior. But just like the snooze button on your alarm clock, it’s a temporary reprieve. When the auto-activation date arrives, the change in behavior will be enforced in all organizations, regardless of the setting for the critical update itself.

If you didn’t participate in the Lightning components for Salesforce1 beta, you don’t have access to this critical update. If you’re affected by this change, contact Salesforce for assistance.

The correct long-term solution for this change is to enable My Domain for your organization. If you do this before your org is upgraded to Winter ’16 you can avoid the issue entirely. When you enable My Domain, references and links to Lightning resources are in the format https://<myDomain>.lightning.force.com.

There are many benefits to creating a custom domain for your organization beyond enabling Lightning components. If you’re not already using a custom domain name, refer to the “Guidelines and Best Practices for Implementing My Domain” and related online help.

Finally, you don’t need to enable My Domain to use Lightning components in the following contexts.
  • Lightning components with Communities in Community Builder
  • Lightning Components for Visualforce