Manage Thanks Badges with the Badges Tab

Sales teams can better manage their Thanks badges using the new Badges tab. Badges work like standard Salesforce objects, so you have more options for customizing them, like adding custom fields.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Recognition requires a license to Motivate, Align, or Perform, which are available as add-on licenses for Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, or Developer Edition, and are included in Performance Edition.

badges top level tab

Sales teams can access their library of badges from the Badges tab, where they can also create new badges. From the Chatter publisher, your users can pick from the badges displayed or search for badges by name. Users are currently limited to giving badges to one user at a time from the Chatter publisher and can no longer give badges from the Recognition tab.

The top-level Recognition tab now shows information already displayed on the Recognition subtab of user profiles, so we recommend removing the tab from the app. See “Editing App Properties” in the Salesforce Help.

With the new Badges tab, users automatically leverage additional Salesforce features. For example, users can now search for badges in global search. Administrators can also create custom fields for badges.

Additional action must be taken to allow community users to continue to access company badges. To allow community users to give company badges, deselect the Company Badge field and edit the badge access to include all internal and external users. Then, reselect the Company Badge field for the badge.

Users also have more control over badges in Salesforce1. For more information about Thanks in Salesforce1, see Salesforce1 Enhancements.