Give Your Sales Teams Added Flexibility for Predicting Revenue with Custom Field Forecasts (Generally Available)

Let your sales teams forecast on custom opportunity currency fields that matter to your organization. That way, sales teams are no longer limited to the standard Revenue and Quantity fields.
Available in: Performance, Unlimited, Enterprise, and Developer Editions

Now, your sales teams can forecast on custom currency fields on opportunities. For example, your sales teams might use a custom field such as Margin, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Annual Contract Value, or any other currency field that your organization requires. You can easily set up a forecast based on any of those custom fields, which your sales managers can then view in the Forecasts tab like any other forecast.

If you use opportunity splits with your custom field, your forecast incorporates those splits. You can use a custom field forecast by itself or in addition to other forecasts, such as an opportunity-revenue forecast based on the opportunity Amount field.



To enable a custom field forecast, you must first enable:

  • A custom opportunity currency field
  • Opportunity Splits
  • A custom split type for the custom field (You must enable the split type even if you don’t intent to use splits with the custom field.)
If the forecast manager or sales rep viewing the forecast does not have access to the custom opportunity field, they can see forecast amounts but they won’t be able to see any of the custom field values in the opportunity list.

Forecasting on Annual Contract Value-a Simple Custom Field Forecast

Here we see an example of an opportunity owned by sales rep Anna Bressan (1). Anna’s organization has a lot of multi-year deals, so they use a custom Annual Contract Value field (2) to track the revenue received from the deal each year.

An opportunity with a custom field called Annual Contract Value.

Here we see the Forecasts tab for Anna (1). The Annual Contract Value field in all of Anna’s opportunities rolls up into her Annual Contract Value forecast (2), which appears in the Forecasts tab along with any other forecasts that you set up. The Forecasted Amount (3) is the value of the Annual Contract Value field that rolls up into Anna’s forecast. Anna’s Acme – Premium Support opportunity (4) appears in the list at the bottom of the page.

The Annual Contract Value forecast.


To enable a custom field forecast, your administrator also has to enable opportunity splits for the custom field. However, the opportunity owner automatically receives a 100% split for the field, so if your organization doesn’t plan to use splits with the field, the rollup is the same as if there were no splits.

A Custom Field Forecast with Opportunity Splits

If you use opportunity splits on your custom fields, your custom field forecasts roll up those splits. For example, here we can see that sales representative Anna owns an opportunity (1), which includes the Annual Contract Value field (2) and a custom split on the Annual Contract Value field for Kevin (3), a sales engineer responsible for increasing overall Annual Contract Value for the company. In this case, Kevin’s 25% split will roll up into his Annual Contract Value forecast.

An opportunity with a custom split.

Kevin’s manager can view the Annual Contract Value forecast (1) where he can see the deal to which Kevin is contributing, along with all of the other opportunities his sales engineer team is working on. Kevin’s manager can see that Kevin is receiving a 25% credit (2) for all of his opportunities, which contribute to a total of $1,026,000 revenue in his Best Case forecast. If Kevin’s manager thinks the deal will ultimately close for a higher amount, his manager can adjust the Best Case forecast amount upward. When Anna’s manager views his forecast, he can see Anna’s 75% split.

A custom field forecast with opportunity splits on the Forecast tab.

Forecasts with the Expected Revenue Field

If your organization uses the standard Expected Revenue field, you can set up a forecast for it as well. The Expected Revenue field is useful for opportunities that are likely to produce more or less revenue than indicated in the Amount field.

For complete details about Custom Opportunity Field Forecasts, see “Custom Opportunity Field Forecasts Overview” and Enable Custom Field Forecasts for Sales Managers.