Customize Your Community with Community Designer (Beta)

Community Designer in conjunction with community templates for self-service lets you create, brand, and publish a custom community site that looks great on any mobile device! Choose from four templates to quickly start your site, and then easily style the pages to match your company’s branding.


This release contains a beta version of Community Designer that’s production quality but has known limitations.

Access the Community Designer

From Setup, click Communities | All Communities. You can access Community Designer by clicking the Community Designer link, which was previously named All Communities page in Setup

If you’re setting up a custom community site for the first time, when you click Community Designer, you can choose from one of four templates to create your site before being brought to Community Designer. (If you don’t want to use the templates, you can skip the template selection to access directly.)


When you access a community site that existed before Winter ’15, you’re brought to Community Designer. However, Community Designer doesn’t support branding for sites that weren’t created by using one of the four templates. Instead, you must use Studio. To open Studio, click Go to Studio in the Communities drop-down.

After you’re in Community Designer, you can customize the community template to update your community’s branding and fonts.

The Community Designer interface, numbered 1-4

  • Navigate (1) to the view that you want to style by clicking links and menu items.
  • Brand the community (2) to match your organization’s style and see your changes immediately appear on the page (1).
  • Use the toolbar (3) to see how your community appears on different devices, access views that aren’t easy to navigate to (such as error and login views), and preview and publish the community.
  • Use the Communities menu (4) to go to Studio to make advanced customizations to your community pages, open Community Management to manage topics, reputation, and for community dashboards and moderation, and access Community Setup to update community membership, login, and other settings.

Known Limitations

  • Community Designer doesn’t support branding for sites that weren’t created by using one of the four available templates.
  • With Community Designer, you can brand only the site’s default home page. To try out a different template, you must set the new page as the site’s home page in Site Configuration in Studio. But don’t worry—you can always switch back to the original home page.