Let Customers Ask Questions and Find Articles in Your Support Community

Napili is a powerful support community template that lets your customers post questions to the community and search for and view articles. If they don't find what they're looking for, they can contact a support agent.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

This template takes it to the next level by adding discussions and suggested articles to your support community. When customers type a question in the search text box, the results include articles and similar questions that are based on matches with the typed text. If the answer isn’t in the results, they can get help from the community by asking a question—letting community experts discuss the issue and provide a solution. And if they decide to contact customer support, they’re presented with a list of suggested articles based on keywords they type in the case subject and description. So there’s an excellent chance they can find an answer without needing to create a support case.

Napili template

Both guest users and logged-in users can access articles, search and view discussions, and contact agents through official support channels. When they log in to the community, they’re also able to ask questions and participate in discussions in the feed. Members in the community can answer questions in Chatter just like commenting on a post in Chatter. The person who asked the question or the question's moderator can select a best answer—which is prominently displayed in the feed—allowing other users to quickly and easily find the best response to their question.

We’ve added an enhanced profile and navigation experience for logged-in users, as well. From the profile menu, users can quickly access their profile details and list of cases and contact customer support. Users with permissions to create or manage the community can also access community management and setup pages directly from the profile menu. Users can edit their contact information, profile photo, and enable or disable email notifications from the community directly from their profile details. User profiles also show user nicknames and reputation levels if they’re enabled in the community.

The Napili template adds the flexibility of topics to organize your community. Topics help you structure a community to quickly guide members to the information that matters most. You can choose navigational topics to provide an easy way for customers to explore the community, and featured topics to highlight current conversations and issues. Member-created topics, meanwhile, let users organize information for each other, creating a personalized experience that boosts community engagement. When setting up the community, you or the community manager associate topics with existing data categories, so your articles appear in the appropriate topics in the community.

To learn more about the Napili template, see the Community Templates for Self-Service Implementation Guide.