Use Action Icons to Perform User Tasks

In SalesforceA, user task buttons are now displayed as action icons and are available from the action bar at the bottom of the page. Action icons are compact, intuitive images, making it easy for you to find and perform tasks such as changing passwords, assigning permission sets, editing, freezing, and deactivating users, and so on.
User screen with action icons

The available action icons depend on the user and organization. To open the action menu with all available actions for the current user, tap the More Actions (ellipsis) icon.

The icons represent the following actions.
Action Icon Action
Edit Edit the user record
Freeze or unfreeze Freeze or unfreeze the user account
Reset password Reset the user’s password
Deactivate or activate Deactivate or activate the user account
Permission sets Assign permission sets to the user
Send email Email the user
Call or log Call the user or log a call made outside of the SalesforceA app.