Make It Easier to Change a Task’s Due Date

Give all your Salesforce1 users a simple way to change a task’s due date. On any task update action, you can replace the regular calendar date picker with a new due date selector that displays common due date choices first.
Deferring a due date on a task

To use the new date selector, in Setup, create a task update action or edit an existing action. Prepend “Defer” to the contents of the Name field (then save the action and add it to a task layout).

For example, suppose you have an action with the label “Sales Task” and the name “Sales_Task”. Insert “Defer” at the beginning of the name.

Adding Defer to the Name field for a new task action

For more information, see “Create Object-Specific Actions” and “Customize Actions with the Action Layout Editor” in the Salesforce Help.