It’s Easier to Update Tasks in a List

Do your users want to add details to a task? Push out the due date? Change the status or priority? There’s no need to open a task and scroll through a page full of fields while editing the record. In a task list, just swipe left on a task and tap an option. Four new update actions—Edit Comment (description), Change Date, Change Status, and Change Priority—make it simple for your users to keep their task lists up-to-the-minute. (Tap the last icon in the row to see all available options.) This feature is available in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, and the Salesforce1 downloadable apps, versions 7.0 and later. In some organizations, this feature requires a critical update.

For more information, see Work with Records Directly from Lists. If the default task layout in your organization has been changed, this feature requires a critical update; for details, see Add New Task Update Actions to Salesforce1.