It’s Easier to Create a Task

No need for your sales reps to scroll through a page of fields just to add to their to-do lists—now the New Task page displays key task fields first. Tap More to see additional fields. This simpler page is available to varying degrees in all versions of the Salesforce1 app. Prefer to use a different layout in your organization? Use Setup to specify that layout instead. If your users apply record types to tasks, keep in mind that the simpler page has limitations in regard to task record types.

Where Users See the New Page

  • In the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android devices and the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, all task creation actions open the new page, including the New Task button on task lists and New Task publisher actions.
  • In the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices, only the New Task button on task lists opens the new page. New Task publisher actions continue to open the standard task creation page.
Simpler New Task page with key fields first

Disable the New Page and Show a Different Layout

In the full Salesforce site, from Setup, click Customize | Activities | Activity Settings and deselect the checkbox Show simpler New Task form in Salesforce1.

Limitations of the Simpler New Task Page

Users Can’t Choose a Record Type
The new page is applied to the global task create action, which can be associated with only one task record type at a time. If you’ve defined a record type in your organization, users won’t see the new page when they create a task unless you change the record type in the global task create action. Change the value of the Record Type field from the default, master, to the record type that you’ve defined.
If your Salesforce1 users need to create tasks of two or more task record types, consider disabling the new page, because the page doesn’t let users choose a record type when they create a task.
Any tasks created before you change the value of the Record Type field in the global task create action retain the record type value master.
Global Task Create Action Required in Global Action Layout
The global action layout must include the global task create action. Otherwise, tapping New Task displays the full New Task page.