Work with Records Directly from Lists

Salesforce1 users can now update records without having to open them. This huge time-saver comes in the form of list item actions—a version of the action bar that’s available for items in list views, task lists, and related record lists.

To access list item actions, navigate to a list view or task list or open a related list from an object’s related information page. Then swipe left on the desired record. For example, here’s how it works for the Opportunities related list on an account.

Here’s the Opportunities related list on an account.

Swipe a list item to the left to reveal list item actions.

Tap Action menu icon to show the action menu, with the full list of actions available for the list item.

Contacts Related List
Contacts Related List Swipe
Contacts Related List Action Menu

Hide list item actions by swiping the list item back to the right or by tapping another item in the list.

List item actions show the same actions that are available in the action bar when viewing the actual record. In other words, using the example above, a user sees the same set of actions, in the same order, in the list item actions (and action menu) for the Edge Emergency Generator list item and in the action bar (and action menu) after navigating to the Edge Emergency Generator opportunity record.

Same as with the Salesforce1 action bar, some list item actions are fixed in their positions, while some actions respect the ordering you’ve established for standard and custom buttons on page layouts and publisher actions in the global publisher layout and on object page layouts. For a complete breakdown of the order of actions, see How Actions Are Ordered in the Salesforce1 Action Bar and List Item Actions.