View and Search Data That’s Stored Outside Salesforce

Salesforce1 users can view and search records that are stored in external systems with Lightning Connect, so they can seamlessly interact with all relevant data. This feature is available in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app and version 6.0 or later of the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices.
Lightning Connect is available in: Developer Edition and for an additional cost in: Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions

For example, some of your data may be in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Salesforce represents that data in external objects and accesses the data in real time via Web service callouts to the external data source. External objects are read only both in Salesforce1 and in the full Salesforce site.

As long as the following conditions are true, external objects are automatically included in the Recent section of the Salesforce1 navigation menu as part of the Smart Search Items element. Users may need to tap More to see these items. In addition, when these conditions are true, related lists for external objects appear in Salesforce1 when users view the parents of those external objects.
  • As with custom objects, the external objects must be deployed and assigned to tabs that the users can access, and object permissions must be granted via profiles or permission sets.
  • The external objects' associated external data sources must have the High Data Volume checkbox deselected.
  • For the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS devices, the external data sources must have the Include in Salesforce Searches checkbox selected.

To find these checkboxes, from Setup in the full Salesforce site, click Develop | External Data Sources, then click the name of the external data source.

For more information about Lightning Connect, see Access External Data with Lightning Connect.