Switch Between Accounts in Multiple Organizations and Communities

Users of the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android, as well as those using the downloadable app for iOS, can now access their accounts in different organizations and communities without having to log out and re-log in to each account. Users can stay logged into multiple accounts in different organizations, and this saves users time by letting them easily switch to the accounts they need to access.

Users can tap Account drop down menu next to their avatar and name at the top of the navigation menu to access the account drop-down menu. To add a new account, users tap Add account and they’ll be redirected to the familiar Salesforce1 login page to enter their user name and password credentials. Once their user name and password are authenticated, they can open the account drop-down menu to see and access their accounts. The items your users see in the navigation menu changes based on the selected account. To remove an account from the account drop-down menu, simply log out of that organization.

Users can view and switch between communities and their internal organization. The communities your users see and have access to changes based on the selected account. Members of your communities who have Customer Community, Partner Community, or other supported portal licenses can use the account drop-down menu to access and switch between their communities.

Communities in Salesforce1 work similarly to the full Salesforce site with some minor differences. See Communities in Salesforce1: Limits and Differences from the Full Salesforce Site in the Salesforce Help.