Work with More Objects Offline

Offline support in the Salesforce1 downloadable apps is expanded to include access to dashboards and events, and partial access to the Salesforce Today app. This enhancement is new for current Salesforce1 for iOS users who have been using offline support for the past few months. Salesforce1 for Android users also receive these offline support enhancements in the version 6.0 general availability release.

The Salesforce1 downloadable apps now automatically cache a user’s five most recently accessed dashboards. This includes dashboards viewed in the full Salesforce site, as well as in Salesforce1. For these dashboards, the view page is available offline but not the single-component view. In addition, other dashboards that a user views during a Salesforce1 session are also stored for offline viewing.

Previously viewed Salesforce events are available offline too.

On the main Today view, the Current Event and Agenda cards are automatically cached but none of the other cards are available offline. Individual mobile events are available if viewed before going offline.

For details about the complete set of Salesforce data that’s available when offline, see “Configure Offline Access to Salesforce1” in the Salesforce Help.