Work Offline with Salesforce1

Users of the Salesforce1 downloadable app for Android, as well as those using the downloadable app for iOS, can now view much of their Salesforce data when their mobile devices are offline.

Offline access is enabled by default when you install one of the Salesforce1 downloadable apps. You can manage this setting in Setup from Salesforce1 Setup | Offline Sync.

When offline access is enabled, data is downloaded to each user’s mobile device based on the objects in the Recent section of the Salesforce1 navigation menu, and on the user’s most recently viewed records. Data is encrypted and stored in a secure, persistent cache. This table lists the elements that are available offline.

Salesforce1 Element Available for Offline Use
Navigation Menu Yes
Global Search Previous searches only
Notifications Previously viewed only
Feeds, Groups, and People Previously viewed only
Today Recent Event and Agenda cards on the main view; individual mobile event records available if previously viewed
Salesforce Events Previously viewed only
Recent Objects Yes (top five)
Other Objects No
Record Details Yes (15 most recent records)
Related Records Previously viewed only
List Views No
Tasks Only tasks from the first page of the My Tasks list (up to 10 tasks), and only if the list was previously viewed or after the user syncs
Dashboards Yes (top five)
Approvals (submit, approve, or reject) No
Visualforce pages No
Canvas Apps No
Flexible Pages No
Settings Yes

When users switch to Salesforce1, their data is cached, which refreshes the local data store. When a user switches to another app, the user’s data is cached automatically if the existing cache is over one hour old.

Users can manually cache their data and refresh that cache at any time (for example, before switching into airplane mode or entering an area with no service), from Settings | Offline Caching in the Salesforce1 navigation menu.



The cache is saved for two weeks. Users can clear the cache by logging out of the Salesforce1 app.