Convert Leads to Contacts (Beta)

Sales representatives on the go can now convert qualified leads to contacts and create opportunities, which helps sales representatives grow their revenue pipeline. This option is available in all versions of Salesforce1.


The Lead Conversions feature in Salesforce1 is a beta version that is production quality but has known limitations. You can provide feedback and suggestions for Lead Conversions on the IdeaExchange.

It’s easy to make this option available to your sales reps. From Setup in the full Salesforce site, click Customize | Leads | Settings. Then, select the option Enable Conversions on the Salesforce1 App.

To convert qualified leads to contacts and create opportunities using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, open the lead record and tap Convert Lead Icon in Salesforce1 on the action bar. Because the Salesforce1 downloadable apps do not have the action bar yet, swipe to the Details page on the lead record, tap Additional Record Actions icon, then select Convert.