Salesforce1 Differences from the Full Salesforce Site

The Salesforce1 app doesn’t have all of the functionality of the full Salesforce site, and in some cases includes features that aren’t available in the full site.

For complete details about the Salesforce features that are different in Salesforce1, see “Salesforce1 Limits and Differences from the Full Salesforce Site” in the Salesforce Help. For features introduced or updated in Winter ’15, there are differences in these areas:

Differences in Using Chatter

  • When using topics in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, if the list of tagged topics extends to the edge of the mobile display, a More link leads to the full list of topics.
  • When using the Good Access™ secure mobile browser, you can’t upload files.

Differences in Duplicate Management (Beta)

  • Each possible duplicate is shown on a “duplicate card.” Salesforce1 shows a maximum of 15 duplicates, even if there are more.
  • A duplicate card displays three fields, which are derived from the search results format defined for the organization, not from the associated matching rule.
  • A user can tap a duplicate card to view the possible duplicate record’s complete details, but that action erases the information the user entered in the new or updated record. The user must re-enter that information before the record can be saved or additional duplicate cards can be viewed.
  • By default, duplicate rules run when users save records. You can change this setting in Salesforce1 so that duplicate rules run as users complete fields on the record. In the full Salesforce site, from Setup, just click Mobile Administration | Salesforce1 | Settings. In the Duplicate Rule Settings section, select Run duplicate rules when users complete fields.

Differences in Using Salesforce Events

  • When viewing Salesforce events from the Events item in the Salesforce1 navigation menu, the date bar always begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday, regardless of your device and Salesforce locale settings.
  • Salesforce events respect the user’s Salesforce time zone settings, not the time zone setting on the user’s mobile device.
  • If a user is viewing the current day’s event list at 11:59pm, the list doesn’t automatically refresh to the next day at Midnight.
  • Users can’t add invitees to events or remove them from events.

Differences in Converting Leads

  • Users can select accounts, but can’t create them.
  • Users can create opportunities, but not select existing ones.
  • If duplicate management rules identify a contact as a duplicate, the rules prevent the conversion, regardless of the duplicate management settings.
  • Users can’t select lead sources.
  • Users can’t create related tasks during the conversion, but they can create tasks from the contact record.
  • Users can’t automatically notify owners of converted leads.

Differences in Using Dashboards

In some situations, data displayed in a dashboard component can get out of sync with data in the report that's displayed on the same page. When a dashboard component’s data doesn’t match the report, one of these things is happening:

  • The dashboard is being refreshed as the configured user or the running user, while a report is always run as the current user.
  • The report was refreshed more recently than the dashboard. A report is refreshed every time a user looks at it (if the user isn’t offline), but a dashboard component is only refreshed when the dashboard it belongs to is refreshed.

The same temporary mismatch can occur in the full site, but there users see reports and dashboard charts on separate pages. In Salesforce1, users see the report and the dashboard chart on the same page.

Differences in Working in Salesforce Communities

Notifications in Salesforce1 show first and last names, even if nickname display is enabled in the community.