Other Changes in Business Logic and Process Automation

Learn about other enhancements to Visual Workflow and workflow.
Identify Recipients More Flexibly in the Send Email Element
The Send Email element in Visual Workflow now has two ways to identify the recipients of the email. Previously, there was one required parameter called Email Addresses. That parameter is now Email Addresses (comma-separated) to differentiate it from a second parameter for recipients called Email Addresses (collection). Both parameters are optional, but you must use at least one of them for the flow to successfully send the email. Between the two parameters, the total number of email addresses must be five or fewer.

The Email Addresses (collection) parameter accepts only collection variables of type Text. See Store Multiple Values Together in a Flow for details about collection variables.

The Email Addresses (comma-separated) parameter accepts only non-collection string values. For example, you can reference the value for an input field, a variable of type Text, or a comma-separated list of manually entered email addresses.

Send Email from an Organization-Wide Email Address
The Send Email element in Visual Workflow now allows you to send emails from an organization-wide email address. In enabling this functionality, we also added a new Sender Address parameter to the Send Email element.
To send an email from an organization-wide email address:
  1. For Sender Type, enter OrgWideEmailAddress.
  2. For Sender Address, enter the value of the verified organization-wide email address.
Example of configuring an email to be sent from an organization-wide email address
Deploy Flows That Contain Email Alerts
If a flow contains an email alert, you can now deploy that flow via change sets or packages.
Debug Flows That Contain Loop Elements and Action Calls
Two new Apex debug log events help you to more easily troubleshoot your flows:
  • FLOW_LOOP_DETAIL—Provides details about Loop elements.
  • FLOW_ACTIONCALL_DETAIL—Provides details about Email Alert, Post to Chatter, Quick Action, Send Email, and Submit for Approval elements.
Notify Assignee Checkbox Removed from Workflow Tasks When You Expose New Notification Setting
If you show a new user setting that lets users control their task assignment email notifications globally, then the Notify Assignee checkbox is removed from workflow tasks. For details on the new setting, see Let Your Users Control Task Notifications Globally.

The default list view for workflow tasks still displays the Notify Assignee column; as a workaround, avoid filtering by the Notify Assignee field and remove the Notify Assignee column from the list view.

User Interface Changes to the Cloud Flow Designer
  • The OTHER ACTIONS section is now QUICK ACTIONS.
  • SObject Collection is now SObject Collection Variable.