Store Multiple Values Together in a Flow

Store multiple values together—so that you can operate on them—by using the new collection variable flow resource. Collection variables can store both manually entered values and values from flow resources, such as email addresses entered in a flow’s screen. Using collection variables can help you conserve limits by not querying the Salesforce database for that information.

User Permissions Needed
To open, edit, or create a flow in the Cloud Flow Designer: “Manage Flow”

Previously, you couldn’t store manually entered values or values from another flow resource. Both sObject variables and sObject collection variables can store multiple values, but they must be field values.

Create a collection variable from the Resources tab in the Cloud Flow Designer by double-clicking Collection Variable.

Unlike with variables, sObject variables, and sObject collection variables, you can’t use Record Lookup or Fast Lookup elements to populate a collection variable. To populate a collection variable, add values whose data type matches the collection variable by using an Assignment. In other words, don’t try to add a variable of type Text to a collection variable of type Number.Using an Assignment element to add three email addresses to a collection variable