New Look and Feel for the Salesforce Console

We’ve added a new look and feel to the console, and made it easier for console users to find and edit information.
Updated User Interface for the Console
Users can now see a console with a more modern look:
A console with the new look and feel.
Lookup Component Enhanced to Display Multiple Columns
Users now have greater flexibility for seeing information in lookup components. They can see some types of information—such as phone and fax numbers—in multiple columns, based on available space, by dragging lookup components’ borders to widen them. (Users might need to resize their browser windows first.) That way, users get the information that they need without having to scroll to find it. Other types of information, such as descriptions, are still displayed in a single column.
Users Can Hover Over Related List Items to Get Details
Users now have greater flexibility for viewing details about items in the related list component—a component added to a record that lists items that are related to that record. By hovering, users get the information that they need without having to look for it elsewhere. For example, users can hover over a case number to display the case’s details, such as contact name, priority, and status. They can also click hover links to quickly view and edit the additional information.
Users Can Easily Edit Fields in the Lookup Component
Users can now use inline editing to change field values—such as a contact’s phone number—in the Lookup component. With inline editing, users can manage information more efficiently.


No asterisk (*) appears next to the label of a tab that a user is editing via inline editing.

Stacked Components Autosize Vertically
Users can now find information faster and scroll less in stacked components because they autosize vertically to fit browsers. This autosize design isn’t available in Internet Explorer® 7.
Warning Message on Navigation Tab Setup
Administrators setting up a console can now see which items haven’t been fully adapted for a console from messaging and asterisks (*).
Users Can Refresh All Primary Tabs with Visualforce Pages
Users can now click Refresh tabs button and select Refresh all primary tabs to refresh tabs showing Visualforce pages without entity IDs.