The SOAP API includes new and changed calls, new and changed types, and changes to older API versions.

New Calls

These calls are new in API version 32.0.

Returns detailed information about a list view, including the ID, columns, and SOQL query.
Executes the SOQL query for the list view and returns the resulting data and presentation information.

Changed Calls

These calls have changed in API version 32.0.

The following field has been added to DescribeSObjectResult:
  • actionOverriddes — An array of action overrides that replace actions specified in the urlDetail, urlEdit and urlNew fields.
The following new type has been added:
  • ActionOverride — Provides details about an action that replaces the default action pages for an object.
DescribeFlexiPageResult (returned by describeFlexiPages())
The following field has been added:
  • typeRequired. The type of the Flexible Page.
describeLayout(), DescribeLayoutResult, and associated types
The following field has been added to the RelatedList subtype:
  • buttons—The buttons associated with the related list.
The following field has been added to the DescribeLayoutButton subtype:
  • colorsArray of color information for icons associated with this button or link. Each color is associated with a theme.
SearchResult (returned by SOSL search)
The following field has been added:
  • queryIdUnique identifier for the SOSL search.

New Types

These types are new in API version 32.0.

Contains information about the specified list view, including the columns, sObject type, and SOQL query.
Use DescribeSoqlListViewParams with describeSoqlListViews to retrieve the SOQL from a list view.
Contains one or more DescribeSoqlListView objects, each of which contains information about one or more list views, including the ID, entity, columns, and SOQL query of each.
Use with describeSoqlListViews to retrieve information about a list view.
Contains the DescribeSoqlListViewResult that describes a list view, including the SOQL needed to execute the list view.
Use with executeListView to retrieve data, labels, and actions from a list view.
Contains the ExecuteListViewResult object that holds list view data that you retrieved programmatically.
Contains list view data that you retrieve programmatically.
Contains metadata about a single list view column.
Use with executeListView to determine the order that records are returned from a list view.
Represents a single row in a list view.
Represents a single cell in a row from a list view.

Changed Types

This type has changed in API version 32.0.

Field on DescribeSObjectResult
The following field has been added to the Field type:
  • referenceTargetFieldApplies only to indirect lookup relationships on external objects. Name of the custom field on the parent standard or custom object whose values are matched against the values of the child external object's indirect lookup relationship field. This matching is done to determine which records are related to each other.
The following field was changed on the Field type:
  • extraTypeInfo — Expanded to support reference type fields on external objects. Indicates the type of external object relationship.

Other Changes

Compound Geolocation Field Support Added to Older API Versions
You can SELECT compound geolocation fields in SOAP requests in API versions 26.0 and later. Previously, support for compound geolocation fields was available in API versions 30.0 and later.


SOAP calls that use API versions earlier than 30.0 return geolocation compound values as strings. See “Returned Geolocation Data Types” in the Object Reference for Salesforce and