Salesforce Einstein: Forecasting, Bots, Discovery Recommendations, and Other Genius Enhancements

We’re giving you more out-of-the-box and custom AI features to help you get the most from the world’s smartest CRM. Here are the newest ways that Einstein helps you predict what’s going to happen next in your business and know what next steps to take.


Einstein Forecasting: Improve Sales Predictions (Generally Available)

Einstein Forecasting’s ready for the big time! Improve your forecasting accuracy with predictions about your sales team’s opportunities based on past data. In Lightning Experience, see key performance indicators (KPIs), helpful forecasting graphs, and up-to-date metrics that are refreshed multiple times a day. In Salesforce Classic, stay on top of your team’s forecast predictions with reports.

Einstein Opportunity Scoring: Create Reports Based on Opportunity Scores

The Score field is now available when creating custom report types for opportunities. For example, create report types that bucket opportunities by score, weigh opportunities amounts, and show how orders affect the likelihood an opportunity will close.

Einstein Automated Contacts: Review All Suggestions in One Place

Sales reps can get a look at all the contacts and opportunity contact roles that Einstein suggests they add to Salesforce. New list views show what Einstein found and whether suggestions have been accepted, declined, or ignored. Reps can even take action directly from the list views.

Einstein Activity Capture: Get Insights About Emails

Emails that are associated with Salesforce records by Einstein Activity Capture now include insights, when available. Email Insights, which appear on the activity timeline and email details, give sales reps an advantage when communicating with customers through email. We also improved the activity timeline for Einstein Activity Capture users and given you more control over how data is collected and processed.

Einstein Insights: See Insights Without Connected Email

Reps can now see more account and opportunity insights without connecting an email account to Salesforce through Einstein Activity Capture. It’s easier than ever for reps to stay on top of their deals with key insights, such as whether a competitor was mentioned or a key contact is leaving.

Optimize Your Lead Scoring Model by Ignoring Irrelevant Fields

If your business uses lead fields that don’t affect lead quality, make your scoring model simpler, faster, and smarter by telling Einstein to ignore those fields. Some businesses use fields that don’t affect a lead’s chance of converting. For example, you might have a field that indicates the reason a lead didn’t convert. When you tell Einstein to ignore those fields, you get more accurate lead scores.

Get More Guidance When Setting Up Einstein Lead Scoring

Now it’s easier to understand which settings are right for your business. Each setup choice provides detailed information about the decisions you’re asked to make.

View and Edit Analytics Apps with Sales Cloud Einstein

The Sales Cloud Einstein permission set license now includes the Edit Analytics Dataflows permission. With this permission, users can see the dataflow in Einstein Analytics apps, create and edit apps, or troubleshoot existing ones.

See Insights in Sandbox

Account and Opportunity Insights are available in sandbox environments, so you can see how easy it is to set up insights and what the insights look like to your sales teams.

Get Improved Opportunity Scores

The predictive model that's used to score opportunities is more robust than before. Einstein now uses relevant custom fields to analyze past opportunities and determine which opportunities are most likely to be won.


Einstein Bots to the Rescue: Boost Service Team Productivity with Bots (Generally Available)

Make your service agents’ lives easier with Einstein Bots. Bots can handle routine and repetitive customer requests, freeing your agents to spend their time on more complex issues that are better suited for humans. Does your customer just need an order status? A password reset? Store hours and location? No problem—Einstein Bots can do it in their sleep!


Display Einstein Discovery Recommendations on a Salesforce Object (Generally Available)

Use the predictive power of Einstein Discovery to improve your everyday business decisions. With some configuration, Einstein Discovery can predict an outcome or recommend a course of action for a Salesforce object of your choice.

Expand Your Exploration Vocabulary with Improvements to Conversational Queries (Beta)

With only a common word or two, you can start a data query, and view answers in automatically configured charts. Conversational exploration is still beta, but you’ll see significant enhancements that make it easier to use, including parsing complex sentences and no limit on the number of measures and groups.


Einstein Prediction Builder: Enjoy Custom AI Without Code (Beta)

Make your business processes smarter and more predictive with custom predictions on almost any standard or custom object in Salesforce. When the standard Einstein solutions don’t fit what you’re trying to predict, Einstein Prediction Builder lets you build your own predictive model. Best of all, you can build it in just a few clicks, without code.

Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers (Pilot)

Integrate business rules, predictive models, and data—both inside and outside of Salesforce—to deliver the right offer at the right moment to the right person. Perhaps you have offers that are relevant only under particular conditions, such as an upgrade or a discount. Or maybe there are multiple ways for service agents to assist customers, and you want to guide the agent to the most appropriate action. Take a look at Einstein Next Best Action.

Security and Identity

New Name for Event Monitoring Analytics App Setup

Other Einstein Analytics apps plan to integrate with Event Monitoring in the future, so we changed the option text in Setup to reflect that.


Get Twice as Many Free Predictions

The free tier of service now includes 2,000 free predictions each calendar month (increased from 1,000 free predictions). You can use predictions interchangeably across Einstein Vision and Language.

Reset Your Einstein Platform Services Private Key

When you sign up for an Einstein account, you get a private key in the form of a .pem file. You use this key to generate an access token which is required to make API calls. But sometimes things happen. If you lose your private key, you can request a new one.

Use a Refresh Token to Generate an Access Token

You can use a refresh token instead of your private key to generate an access token. A refresh token is a JWT token that never expires. You can’t use a refresh token to make an authenticated API call.

Einstein Vision: Deleting Image Datasets and Image Models

Einstein Vision enables you to tap into the power of AI and train deep-learning models to recognize and classify images at scale. You can use pre-trained classifiers or train your own custom classifiers to solve unique use cases.

Einstein Language: Deleting Text Datasets and Text Models

Use the Einstein Language APIs to build natural language processing into your apps and unlock powerful insights within text. The language APIs include the Einstein Intent API and the Einstein Sentiment API.