Microsoft® Integration: More Improvements, Increased Productivity

Help reps maximize productivity directly from their Microsoft email and calendars. Now Lightning for Outlook integrates with more features, like Email Experience and Email Templates. Reps can take advantage of even more Salesforce content from the comfort of Microsoft Outlook®. And for Microsoft Office 365® and Lightning Experience users, now Lightning Sync can sync reps’ events both ways between their Microsoft and Salesforce calendars.
Lightning for Outlook: Improved Efficiency and Integration with Salesforce
See reps step up their efficiency with our latest features. With the new pin option, Lightning for Outlook stays open, so reps can work through their emails faster. Reps can also relate their emails to Salesforce before sending them. Crafting emails is faster with Lightning email templates. To jazz up those emails and make quick work of relating them to Salesforce records, use Enhanced Email with Lightning for Outlook. You can manage Lightning for Outlook from both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Lightning Sync for Microsoft® Exchange: Two-Way Event Sync and Better Calendar Integration
Make your team more productive by setting up contacts and events to sync both ways between Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce. And help your teams get the most out of Salesforce Calendar by setting up some features that work exclusively with Lightning Sync. These changes apply to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app. These changes also require Microsoft® Office 365® and Lightning Sync set up with an OAuth 2.0 connection and the sync direction Sync Both Ways.
Salesforce for Outlook: Critical Upgrade Required, Next-Generation Products Available
Our installable Microsoft® integration product is still available for sales teams working from older versions of Microsoft applications. However, if you meet the system requirements for our latest Microsoft integrations, Lightning for Outlook and Lightning Sync, we encourage you to migrate to those products now. That way, you can take advantage of the latest features and avoid manual upgrades in the future. And if you don’t meet the system requirements for our next-generation products, to avoid service disruptions, make sure to read about the pending changes to Salesforce for Outlook system requirements. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Extended Mail Merge: Easier Setup, and Support for More Microsoft® Word File Types
Extended Mail Merge lets reps generate mail merge Word documents with data from contacts, leads, and other Salesforce records. Because Extended Mail Merge generates Word documents, reps can get mail merged content to prospects or customers in whichever format they like. Reps can send letters, create labels, or attach merged communications to emails. These changes apply to Salesforce Classic only.