A walkthrough is a series of interactive steps that guide you through a task or feature. Before you start a walkthrough, make sure that you have the correct user permissions and license associated with the feature so you can access the proper pages in Salesforce.


A walkthrough guides you through your own Salesforce account, so you’re actually changing the data in your org as you go through the steps. If you’re concerned about changing the data, follow the walkthrough in a sandbox account or other test environment.

Links from the release notes to walkthroughs only work in the latest release and don’t work in preview orgs.

Feature Walkthroughs You’ll need... Available in these languages
Lightning console apps Walk Through It Walk Through It: Explore Lightning Console Apps To be in a Lightning console app English
Favorites Walk Through It Walk Through It: Create Shortcuts to the Things You Use Most with Favorites Access to Lightning Experience English
Navigation Bar Walk Through It Walk Through It: Meet the Lightning Experience Navigation Bar Access to Lightning Experience English
App Management Walk Through It Walk Through It: Manage Your Apps in Lightning Experience Access to Lightning Experience

“View Setup and Configuration”

Setup Walk Through It Lightning Experience: Setup Home Access to Lightning Experience

“View Setup” permission