Say Goodbye to Dropped Chats for Wandering Visitors

Chat visitors can navigate to subdomains within a top-level domain while they chat. Upgrade your code snippet and set a top-level domain. Make sure that your code snippet is placed on all pages that you want visitors to be able to navigate to during a chat. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

You must set the top-level domain for your Snap-ins Chat deployment in your upgraded code snippet. For example, if you set for your top-level domain, your chat visitors can navigate to subdomains like while they chat.

Add the following to your snippet to set your domain (but replace MyAwesomeWebsite with your domain, of course!).

embedded_svc.settings.storageDomain = '';



  • The storageDomain parameter is available only for version 2.0 code snippets, and it’s required. It’s included as a code comment in your generated code snippet.
  • Follow the format for your domain. Don’t include a protocol ( or or a trailing slash (