Add Snap-ins to Your Lightning Communities

Use Snap-ins Chat to let your community members quickly solve their questions and issues with live chat support. You can customize the button labels and branding from the Community Builder. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Set up Live Agent and Snap-ins Chat, then use the Community Builder to add the Snap-ins Chat component to your Customer Service (Napili) template. You can find it under Support components.

The Snap-ins Chat component is under Support in the Community Builder.

Drag the component into your template and configure your branding colors, labels, and other customizations, like an agent avatar. The branding you apply here overrides the branding you chose in your snap-ins setup.

There are a number of branding options in the Community Builder.

To customize your branding colors even more, use the CSS option in the branding palette to edit the color for your chat header. Just add the CSS style .sidebarHeader {background-color: #HEX}.

We recommend using only one snap-in component per page view when you want to use different chat deployments across your community. If you want to use the same chat deployment for your community, it’s best to add the component to the footer.