Let Agents Call for Backup with Chat Transfer

Sometimes agents receive a chat request for an issue that another team needs to handle. Or they know their colleague just handled a similar question. Let them pass a chat along by enabling chat transfer in the Live Agent configuration. With chat transferring, your visitors get their questions answered faster. And they don’t have to recount their issue when they start chatting with their new agent—the new agent receives the chat transcript and any associated objects, like a case. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

The second agent can see the chat details by hovering over the request in the console.

And your chat visitor is kept in the loop the entire time. As soon as the first agent initiates the transfer, the visitor gets a notification in the chat header. When the new agent accepts the chat, the visitor is introduced to the agent, and the chatting can continue!

The visitor sees a notification in the chat header when their chat is being transferred.The chat body tells the visitor when they're chatting with a new agent.



For chats transferred directly to another agent, the first agent can keep chatting with the visitor until the new agent accepts the chat. For chats transferred to another button, the first agent drops off. The visitor can’t send messages until the new agent arrives.