Supply Notifications and Chat Options in an Informational Chat Window Header

Chat notifications and actions stand out in their new home at the top of the chat window. The chat header prominently shows visitors when their chat is timing out, when they’re being transferred, or other need-to-know information. Plus, they can save their transcript of end the chat. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

You can customize the look of the header in the branding panel of your Snap-ins deployment setup. You can change the colors, font, font size, and add a background image. For visitors using a desktop browser, you can display a welcome message in the header.

Snap-ins chat window with a chat header. The chat header has a welcome message.Snap-ins chat window with a notification in the chat header.

The header also conveniently disappears as the visitor scrolls, because it does take space away from their chat. Visitors can scroll up to open it or scroll down to close it, unless there’s a notification.

Snap-ins chat window with the chat header collapsed.