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Salesforce DX on Trailhead

Like to earn badges? Check out these Salesforce DX modules on Trailhead.

Get Started with Salesforce DX trail
Become a Salesforce DX virtuoso by earning all four badges.
Salesforce DX Development Model
Learn how Salesforce DX changes the development paradigm from org-based to artifact-based.
App Development with Salesforce DX
Get ready to get your fingernails dirty. Use the Salesforce DX command-line interface to create and deploy apps.
Continuous Integration Using Salesforce DX
See how Salesforce DX, along with Git and Travis CI, provides a quick and easy continuous integration experience.
Git and GitHub Basics
Many of our examples use Git and GitHub. Learn about version control systems, and how Git and GitHub fit in to the development life cycle.

Salesforce DX Beta Documentation

Learn about Salesforce DX the traditional way. Read all about it.

Salesforce DX Beta Weekly Release Notes
We regularly update Salesforce DX (Beta) to incorporate your feedback and improve the quality. Check the Salesforce DX Beta Community for update announcements and to learn what's new or changed.
Salesforce DX Setup Guide
This guide is your first stop in your Salesforce DX journey. It tells you what you need to know to set up your environment.
Salesforce CLI Command Reference
This guide provides comprehensive descriptions of each Salesforce CLI command.
Salesforce DX Developer Guide
This guide walks you through the basic scenarios for using Salesforce DX in the development life cycle, and highlights many of the Salesforce CLI commands you’ll use every day. IDE 2 Developer Guide IDE 2 is tailor-made for Salesforce DX. It uses the Salesforce CLI plug-in to interact with your scratch orgs and works with version control systems.

Get Involved

Join the Salesforce DX Beta Community! Tell us what you love, post some questions, and share your ideas about what we should build. We look forward to hearing your feedback.