Salesforce Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Look here for changes and new features for the Salesforce CLI for Salesforce DX.

requiresWorkspace Property in Command Definitions Is Now Called requiresProject

Unless you’re developing plug-ins for the Salesforce CLI, this change won’t affect you at all.

If you are developing CLI plug-ins, read on. We updated our code to rename a command property from requiresWorkspace to requiresProject. This property determines whether users need to run a command within a Salesforce DX project. Commands with requiresProject: false can be run from any directory.

We won’t be writing release notes about most of our behind-the-scenes changes, but we wanted to share this one with you in case you attended Dave Carroll’s Become a Salesforce CLI Ninja session at TrailheaDX, which showcased the property as requiresWorkspace. We hope that many of you are already honing your ninja skills!