Beta Changes That Affect the Pilot Salesforce DX Environment

Salesforce DX beta introduces changes that affect your pilot environment. For example, some CLI commands and parameters have been renamed, some have been removed, and the format of JSON files has changed. You now authorize to a Developer Hub rather than an Environment Hub.

CLI Changes

  • The names of these CLI commands have changed.
    Old Name New Name
    force:workspace:create force:project:create
    force:packageversion:install force:package:install
    force:org:describe force:org:display
  • These CLI parameter names have changed.
    Old Parameter Name New Parameter Name
    force:source:push|pull --force --forceoverwrite
    force:data:tree:export -o -d


    The long parameter name --outputdir is unchanged.

  • These CLI commands have been removed.
    • force:schema:delete
    • force:testruner:* Test Runner is not included in Salesforce DX Beta.
  • The -j short parameter for JSON output has been removed. Use --json instead.
  • The --definitionjson (-j) parameter of force:org:create has been removed.

JSON File Changes



The new CLI command force:project:upgrade converts your pilot JSON files to the new beta format. See the upgrade instructions for details.

  • The Salesforce DX project file (sfdx-workspace.json) is now named sfdx-project.json.
  • The UseDecomposition parameter of the Salesforce DX project file has been removed because source transformation is now the default.
  • These property names in the scratch org definition file have changed:
    • Company -> orgName
    • Email -> adminEmail
  • These properties are no longer supported in the scratch org definition file.
    • FirstName
    • LastName
    • TemplateId
  • All JSON files, such as sfdx-project.json and scratch org configuration files now specify properties using lower camel case. For example, PackageDirectories is now packageDirectories.

    Org preferences are exceptions to this change. Org preferences must match Metadata API and are still specified using upper camel case, such as ChatterEnabled.

  • In the scratch org definition file, the org preferences are now values within an array. For example:
         "orgPreferences": {
           "enabled": ["S1DesktopEnabled", "ChatterEnabled"],
           "disabled": ["SelfSetPasswordInApi"]

Other Changes

  • You no longer authorize an Environment Hub to create scratch orgs. You now authorize the new Developer Hub (Dev Hub). However, you still use the Environment Hub to manage your productions orgs.
  • All pilot scratch orgs have been deleted. Recreate them as needed.
  • The workspace-scratch-def.json sample scratch org configuration files in the GitHub example repos are now project-scratch-def.json.
  • JSON output is standardized to { status: 0|1, result: <Object|Array> }. Most JSON output is in lower camel case, unless the data comes from the API.
  • The project directory structure has changed. See the Salesforce DX Developer Guide for details.