More Lightning Service Setup Flows (Beta)

Our setup flows take the guesswork out of enabling core service features. Great for newbies or seasoned admins, setup flows walk you through the setup process without having to consult a help topic. Lightning Service now offers setup flows for Lightning Knowledge and Lightning Communities. In the Recommended Setup window, we've also added an easy way to customize your case statuses. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.


This release contains beta versions of Lightning Service setup flows, which means they are high-quality features with known limitations. Lightning Service setup flows aren’t generally available in documentation or press releases or public statements. We can’t guarantee general availability within any particular time frame or at all. Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features.



To use the setup flows, open the Service Console app. In the header, click Gear icon and select Service Setup.

Setup Home Page

Lightning Knowledge Setup Flow

Use a setup flow to enable Lightning Knowledge. From the Service Setup home page, click Get Started under the Knowledge Setup tile.

Knowledge Setup Flow Start Screen

Follow a few prompts, and before you know it, you’ve created the framework for your business's knowledge base.

Behind the scenes, the flow enables Lightning Knowledge, verifies licenses and users, creates the required permission sets, assigns users, and creates data categories.

At the end of the flow, you can opt to set up other features or access helpful setup topics.

Lightning Communities Setup Flow

You can also use a setup flow to enable Lightning Communities. Like the other Service Setup flows, they've all got at least one thing in common—an easy setup experience!



We recommend setting up Lightning Knowledge before going through the Lightning Communities setup flow. If Knowledge isn't enabled before starting the Lightning Communities setup, Data Categories aren’t created during the Communities setup flow.

Lightning Communities Setup flow start screen

From the Service Setup home page, click Get Started under the Lightning Communities Setup tile. The setup flow builds your community using the Customer Service (Napili) template. In the setup flow, you name your community, create the URL, add navigational and featured topics, and assign articles to topics. At the end of the flow, you can opt to set up other features or access helpful setup topics. When you're done, you can preview your community with co-workers before it goes live.

Access Customize Case Status from the Recommended Setup Window

Service Cloud offers various case statuses that your support agents can use. But what if your support managers want to invent some on their own? That's where Customize Case Status comes in. Click Customize Case Status under Recommended Setup to open a pop-up where you can add new case statuses, toggle them on and off, and assign Default or Closed statuses.

Customize Case Status Pop-up

Take advantage of the drag-and-drop functionality, or use the arrows to arrange the order of case statuses.