Updated Event Monitoring Analytics App Lets You Visualize Your Users’ Actions in Lightning Experience

Two new dashboards give you the data you need to measure Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 adoption and page performance. And Event Monitoring Analytics dashboards now let you set thresholds on your KPI measures.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Visualize Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Adoption and Performance

The Event Monitoring Analytics app has four Lightning Experience event types:
  • Lightning Error
  • Lightning Interaction
  • Lightning Page View
  • Lightning Performance

To view this data in Wave, use the new prebuilt Lightning Adoption and Lightning Performance dashboards or create your own.

Lightning Performance dashboard

The Lightning Adoption and Lightning Performance dashboards replace the Lightning dashboard and UI Tracking dataset, which were retired in this release.

Get Notified When Your KPIs Miss the Boat

Detect performance problems early, such as queries taking too much time, by getting notifications when a KPI value exceeds your established threshold. For more information, see Set Smart Notifications for Your Most Important Business Metrics.Apex Execution dashboard with Set Notification popup on Max DB Time KPI

Understand Dashboards More Easily

The following dashboards provide more informative descriptions, helping you understand the data that the dashboard shows.
  • Apex Executions
  • API
  • Dashboard
  • Files
  • Login-As
  • Page Views (URIs)
  • Report Downloads
  • RestAPI
  • User Logins
  • Wave Adoption