Track User Actions in Lightning Experience More Comprehensively with New Fields

To give you a 360-degree view of user behavior during a login session, we added new fields and renamed one in Lightning Error, Lightning Interaction, Lightning Page View, and Lightning Performance event types. We also added a field for Event Monitoring Wave app compatibility.
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

New Fields
  • LOGIN_KEY—The string that ties together all events in a given user’s login session. It starts with a login event and ends with either a logout event or the user session expiring.
  • USER_ID_DERIVED—The 18-character case-insensitive ID of the person using Salesforce services through the UI or the API.
Renamed Field
  • SESSION_ID now named SESSION_KEY—The string that ties together all events for a particular activity session. For example, URI events while the user is interacting with an Accounts page.


This example is an excerpt from Lightning Page View event logs, which shows users’ click paths in Salesforce. To see a comprehensive view of what each user is doing in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1, use LOGIN_KEY as an identifier across the various events and actions to tie them together.CSV file with LOGIN_KEY column highlighted