Streamline Connected App Access with Improved IP Relaxation

Your users can have more streamlined access to Salesforce and connected apps because of improved IP relaxation. IP relaxation is now available for client apps that use OAuth and SAML for single sign-on, including Salesforce1. You can also relax IP restrictions during refresh token exchange. This change applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.
Available in: All Editions

For starters, connected apps using a SAML and OAuth single login now have IP bypass behavior like OAuth connected apps do. Now users can have relaxed IP restrictions when logging in to Salesforce1.

You can relax IP restrictions when an app sends a refresh token to obtain a new access token from anywhere. For example, users initially log in from your company’s network or VPN with IP restrictions. They can continue to use the app from anywhere even after the initial session is expired.

IP relaxation for refresh tokens